Are you in a Band? Would you like to play a show? Simply send your bands info to and we can discuss any details from there. I will accept ALL types of music as possiblities for a BongMan show. As long as the Artists/Bands are professional. I have had many different types of music on my shows so if you are gonna be in the area and have what it takes, drop us a line and lets see what happens. I look forward to hearing from you -BongMan

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**Warning** Before working with or Supporting this band please read...

Before working with the band September Mourning be advised that ive had 2 cancelations now with after helping them out previously with getting them a radio interview and with promotion and booking of a show. This time they cancelled it was for a show in the same city I had already comfirmed a show with them in 2 months prior to them canceling yet Again. I put $ into an ad campaign and reserved a venue already...This time I lost the show to the radio station I was calling to arrange a promo interview on,  just days after I contacted the radio station (KLAQ) for said interview September Mourning cancelled with me to take this other show! So in short my friends this is whats wrong with the music business....NO Loyalty at all with some of these posers.

Be careful before doing business with this band because obviously they dont give a sht bout dicking someone over who has helped them. presents....Current show

The night RAVEN played in Cruces...Fkn history was made that night!

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