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BongMan Band Page

These are some favorite Bands that BongMan supports...

In a band? Want to be on one of my Shows? E-Mail me your info HERE

A huge thank you to this band for puting on such a fantastic energetic show and for the 1st time in our lil city. Professional and super cool guys hope to have them back in the near future...
Scattered Guts

From AZ. These guys are crossover at its best. What a great show they put on. Very happy they graced our lil town.

One of the originals for the BNWHM invasion of the 80's They easily put on one of the Best shows we have ever had here playing for an astounding 2hrs straight...
Orcus O Dis

From Mexico comes a sick ass band with some of the most talented musicans we have ever had grace our stage. Very professional and realiable.

Abysmal Dawn
Classic Death Metal band that has more than left thier mark. Was an Honor to have them play here...
Night Demon

3 piece from a place in history known as NWBHM. New Wave British Heavy Metal. However they are from Cali. Great guys and one of the hardest working bands you will ever meet.

One of the Best bands I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Nice guys who are talented as hell!!! Just check out this clip of the guys ripping it up with some Beatoven...
Mobile Death Camp

From GWAR to his own solo band its BEEFCAKE...what a great band and good guys.


One of my ALL time favorite bands most of my life now. I have been a fan of this band since 1986, to me they are one of the Best bands to ever grace the metal world and seem to have endless energy and creativity that has spanned over 2 decades now and still going strong. Fast and powerful with Blitz screaming like a banshee, with his vocal style. Timeless bad-ass metal at its finest.​​​

Celtic Frost
​​One of the most Evil and Morbid bands I heard in the 80's. So Evil and Macabre like, I fuckin Love these guys. They inspire artwork and creativity in bounds. If you wanna hear truly evil inspired music listen to these guys and their early work like 'To Mega Thereon' or Morbid Tales...​

S.O.D. Storm Troopers of Death!

Hell to the Fuckin Yeah!!! Back in 85 or so I heard something like no other. And it was S.O.D.! These guys are 2 guys from original Anthrax and bassist from Nuclear Assault and NYHC vocalist Billy Milano. With their first album recorded in bout 4 days and having bout 22 songs on it, it was just a fun lil project that ended up making history. These guys were the REAL hardcore originals. If you like the heavy and non PC stuff, this is for you. Enjoy. 


What an Awesome band! These guys are professional and top notch performers at their craft which is playing some serious in your face METAL! I would strongly recommend checking them out. Cool down to earth guys and they put on one hell of a show! You can also check out all about them at Tell em Bongman sent ya...Click Here to pick up their latest CD...


A band from New Mexico that is post war technical thrash metal style! They have played with the likes of KREATOR and BLACK OIL just to name a couple. Let me tell you they are not one of those bands that only sticks around to play then leaves the show, these guys truly support their musical comrades and stick around to mosh and support whomever they perform with. True professionals and they fuckin bring it on the stage! If you get a chance to see them live you should or you will be kicking yourself in the ass!!!​​

Black Oil

​They have such an intense style and stage presence like no other. If you can catch these guys while on tour in Mexico or on one of their shows out of Cali DO SO!!! They are a hard working band that is always at a festival somewhere and recently played the Mayhem festival. Black Oil is a name you do not want to forget in your music favorites line up for the Heavy Intense Shit!!!​​​​


From the dark depths of the New Mexico Desert comes Kultivation, this video was taken from a MurderCore show that they completely shredded on! They have such badass skills for such a young band its always a pleasure to work with them. Be sure to check out more of their links and remember this band!!!​​


Standing for: HERE AFTER THE WAVE this is a compilation of some of the most talented musicians from El Paso! A Band that features some of the best melodic metal combined with a hard edge that live is seriously something to be seen! These guys have played with the likes of Kreator,, Death Angel and Hell Yeah just to name a few.

UnDying Hate 

This upcoming band is currently based out of El Paso. Great band with the roots of power metal/thrash thru n thru, I have had the pleasure of having these guys on a couple shows and they are as humble as they are talented. Very worthy of a listen. If you have a chance to see them live, Do so!

Ziggy Lovah

I have seen this artist progress into a true force to be reckoned with. No fake ass, look at my rims and how much $ i have bullshit goin on here. This guy is writing from life and any true music fan of hip hop meets r&b mixed with good dance music should follow along in ziggys journey.


These guys have been at it for a minute n then some. Fkn love this style of hip hop variation with an almost everlast twist but that's just a portion of their talent they have alot more variety to offer so check em out and they will be playing a ' presents' show very soon ;)


When you think of New Mexico, Horrorcore Rap probably doesnt come to mind at first but what you need is a good dose of this artist! When he performed live at one of my shows he was all straight up energy and sounding bad fuckin ass! Check this video out of Dmize doin his thing.

Bad Brand of Justice

One of the only Punk bands to come out of Las Cruces NM in years, they played the warped tour last year and Headlined a MurderCore show before that, they bring old school punk back, Raw and energy driven with a bad ass front man who bleeds on the audience, a must see for any real punk fans!

Section 6

One of the latest additions to the Monday Night Metal Madness shows, these guys are like an underground version of slipknots bastard cousin, hailing from El Paso TX, They have already made a serious name for themselves and just arrived on the scene. You don't wanna miss the intense energy and stage presence of this band!


The real deal right here people. These guys stand the test of time and with the song 'My Belief' its one of the best anthems of life to live by. Old school that doesn't ever die!

Rigor Mortis

If there was ever a band that did a sound track to the horror movie of life, it would have to be these guys. Constant energy and screaming powerful vocals from hell! Songs about murder n guts and every evil thing in between it's fuckin RIGOR MORTIS!!!

Impaled Offering

​Keep your eyes n ears open for these guys people, this is some seriously sick n solid Death Metal! Hailing from New Mexico and holding it down in true form you want to see these guys any chance you get. Look for them soon on a BongMan presents show very soon and also all along the West coast ...for now.

The Conjuring 

From New Mexico, ​Bands take notice cause some of the National tour acts have. These guys are playing some of my personal favorite kinda music. Mosh'n thrash style straight from the book of fuckin awesomeness! Soon to be playing a BongMan presents show and hit'n the road, look out for them.

Burst Into Flames

​Playing at my 1st Annual BongMan 420 Show 'Burst into Flames' was Fkn Amazing to say the lest and showed why they are worthy of any headliner position. High energy and professional, cant wait to have them back again and you should support them if like what they're doin.

March of Chronos

From El Paso this band is some blistering sick guitarwork and currently instrumental and worht every second of listening to, They put on a great show and are a pleasure to work with. I strongly suggest you give em a listen...

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