Pics from the 1st Annual BongMan 420 Show...2013

Show Review and Thank You's...

HOLY SHIT!!! 'The 1st Annual BongMan 420 Show' was well worth All the planning and hard work, with an amazing constant turn out throughout the entire day all the way up til bout 3am. After gett'n home @ bout 5am I finally got to reflect on just how much of an AWESOME fkn day this was...By far my favorite 420 ever spent in this Mayberry town. I gotta Thank ALL those who Helped make this show possible. The List would be far too long on here but You people who came thru when I needed you most are true friends and supporters. From the amazing bounty of food that was brought for the PotLuck Dinner to all the supplies that were donated and The amazing talent that graced the stage made this a truly worthy event to have year after year after year. Joe and Iggy, Your stand up was fkn hilarious and most appreciated. Thanks to my Lovely BongManBabes for making some fans Very Happy. Psykryptyca, Lyzbel, La Chapuza, BURNT, 2Bers, Kultivation and Burst Into Flames!!! Threw down some of the Best performances to date here and the love and support they got from the fans proved it. A special thanks to those bands that trucked it here from outta town to play this show, you guys made it that much more amazing. And defiantly gotta thank the Fans, without you all coming out and supporting these shows with this brilliant level of talent, they wouldnt feel the drive to come out and perform to the levels of excellence that they do, So Again THANK YOU to EVERYONE that came out and supported the 1st Annual BongMan 420 show! We shall see you ALL next year for the 2nd one ;) - BongMan

1st Annual BongMan 420 Show